Update : 02 Sept. 2021

All Product will charge no TAX at this site when is completed via compare to ETSY.

All product will ship as Gift. But if there is any custom Tax charged, Customer will take response for tax if occurs.

This will take sometime before I can complete and come acorss all technical and website aspect.

Before that, please do goto my ETSY site

You are welcome to registered with this site, so I will notice you once it complete


Welcome to Engravegift.com

Please goto ETSY for order before this site is completed

I am planning to having this site up running soon once I have come across all the technical spec

For now, please do goto my ETSY store

Tim L

Order with my ETSY Store

Before site complete.  You can try our customized feature and play with it to see how it works.

For Testing Purpose only. Dont make order.

Shop tester (do not order), Order at etsy