Add Text

Each Add Text allow 200 Characters and 20 lines. Mostly will be enough.

If you need Text on different fonts, size and position.

Please adding it accords to the approx position, please do design with reasonable amount of context.

Add Image

Image Upload

Handwriting, Logo, Photo, Drawing, Kiss, Finger, Hand Prints, etc.

All Order with Upload Image will be process manually with digital preview will return to your email for confirmation.

  • upload and place image into approx position. We will process it manually for each image upload. Example Below
  • If you have only 1 image but need different part of image of different side/area, please  repeatably add image for correct pricing.
  • Using the Image Left top corner cone function.
  • Use NONE UNDERLINE paper for any Handwriting or any image on paper.
  • Basic Service is not included background, underline removal or restore, extra cost will be applied if needed.
  • Make sure you read your email if your order with image upload

***You can always leave a message during checkout for more specified

Checkout our Portfolio Page for more reference about how image turn into engraved.

Add Clip Art , QR

You can add our Clip Art Library, and please place into right place and size and reasonable size and position

QR can be added

Blank Product Only

If you just need Product without engraved.

You can Directly add Item to cart and checkout.

Base Price is Product Price without and customized Engrave

How to sumbit with my Design?

Go to product page and click Customize, a design window will load. Once completed, you can then checkout.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Order with Text and Art only.

If you order require only Text and Art we provided.

We will then process your engrave right away once order submit

Order with Image Upload  (handwriting, logo, etc.)

We will review your order content and provide a digital preview to you for confirmation.

Please make sure your image is large, clear, and NO Underline, extra cost will apply if image need extra service, such as underline removal, backgroup removal.

Please make sure you read your email once placed an order.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We use PayPal as Payment Gateway, if you dont have paypal, you can still complete with Visa, Master, Credit Card.

How long will delivery take?

Free Air  Shipping to World Wide (Airmail 7-20 workings days)

Express - World Wide (7-12 workings days)

All Item require 3 - 5 days for production

I want an Preview before order

Please submit your design detail and contact us.

We will freely provided one time free preview for you.

Please notice free preview is limited. We will only supply sample digital preview for your to consider.

For any image, please make sure if Clear, Large, and without underline.

Bulk Order with same engrave

There is Quantity Discount at our site.

If you order in Bulk but each of engrave is different, please place order normally.

Please contact us if you need something specified

Want to know about us?

We doing ETSY

For Real Customer Review

For our ETSY Store

Different Between ETSY and This online Store

ETSY has less design option

Engravegift.com has more advance option and pricing base on your design. Also with customizer for text engrave

Have question with this product or need order in Bulk (Same Design)

Please contact us for detail