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Shipping Options

Free Airmail (Tracking 7 - 20 working days)

Airmail with Tracking Service

Airmail shipping time are 7-20 business days in most case.

We will enter a Tracking Code once order completed and Shipped

Express 2-12 working days

Depends on your Country and States

Example: Express to USA
New York 2-4
Chicago 2-3
Los Angeles 2-5
San Francisco 2-3
Hawaii 2-12
Rest of the country 3-12

Please check more Delivery Info for each Country Time at:
Production time is no included with shipping time.

All Item is shipped as Gift. Therefore will not no taxes in most cases

Your Design

Design with no image upload

Make Sure your Design and position is Correct.

We will adjust a little if not match the product area.

We will process as your design submit.

Design with Image Uploaded

We will email a digital preview to your order email within 1-2 workings days. Please make sure your read your email for confirmation.

Please always leave a order message if you need more specified with your design.